Independent Living

MBANGO HOME CARE was brought into being to supply support services for senior citizens on the Lower South Coast of KwaZulu Natal.  

Our Services

Exclusive to Mbango Valley residents

Emergency 24 hour call-out service manned by professional nursing staff

Care Agency – carers allocated to homes in Mbango and the wider community

Clinic every weekday :

Monday to Friday

Social visits by volunteers

We have a wide variety of homes to offer. Our services extend to the residents within Mbango Valley but the Mbango Care shop is still open to the general public.

The Mbango Care Shop Sells:

Incontinence products

Frozen meals

Stoma and wound care products

Nutritional shakes

Housing Officer
Roween Els

039 682 5251 Ext – 1022

The Care Agency is available 24 hours a, day and night. Will live in if necessary.

Rates are inclusive of UIF, transport and leave pay.


What our residents have to say about us

I moved from ‘The Park’ to ‘Garden Court’ 18 months ago after my husband passed away and have found living here a great comfort. We have become like a family.

Meisie Hoffman

Lots to do! Bowling greens, bus service, hospital nearby,life right,well organised, smaller units available & more.

Felicity Wason

Great environment. Happy residents. Very scenic.

Marc O’Brien

It’s a beautiful Retirement village with lovely views & surroundings.

Jeanette Hayes

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