Assisted Living

Semi independent living is provided on two levels – at “The Hill” and in Garden Court.

Assisted Living Options

Perfect for seniors requiring a little more assistance. We provide all meals plus laundry and domestic services. We also provide adult day care facilities at Mbango.

  • The Hill
The Hill

The Hill

The minimum package includes a bed-sitter, all meals provided in the Villa Bruno dining room.

A load of laundry and a cleaning service provided once a week. Residents are encouraged to furnish their rooms in their own style using favourite furniture, curtains and mementos.

  • Adult Day Care
Adult Day Care

Adult Day Care

A stimulating social environment for older

adults, with lots of activities and fun involved.

The prevalence of adult day care centres reflects a

growing recognition that care-givers can’t always

provide everything that a senior or disabled adult,

living at home, needs to lead a happy, fulfilling life.

The following applies to Adult Day Care:

Adult day care for older people has numerous benefits. It provides a safe and supportive environment for individuals to interact with others and engage in activities that promote physical and mental wellbeing. This social interaction can help to reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation that many experience. In addition, day care can give spouses/friends/ relatives much-needed respite from the demands of caring for a frail, elderly loved one.

It can help to reduce ‘carer’ burnout and stress, allowing them to care for their loved one in the long-term. Family and friends can also rest easy knowing that their loved one is receiving the care and attention they need.


Improved overall health

Enhanced quality of life

Relieves boredom

Promotes independence

Delays moving to long-term facility

Reduced caregiver stress

Cost effective care option

Promotes social interaction


Reduced social isolation

Mental stimulation

Physical activity

Personalised nursing care

Safe, supportive environment


What our residents have to say about us

Whatever your need may be, from the General Manager right own to the workers in your room, is met with joy and care.

Elize Scheepers

Lots to do! Bowling greens, bus service, hospital nearby,life right,well organised, smaller units available & more.

Felicity Wason

Great environment. Happy residents. Very scenic.

Marc O'Brien

It's a beautiful Retirement village with lovely views & surroundings.

Jeanette Hayes

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